A Rev. Ken Commentary: May Greetings

It’s funny how quickly we humans get used to routines, be they morning routines of brushing teeth and waking the kids, or larger routines or rituals that occur only, perhaps, once a year.   

One routine I’ve gotten used to over the last several months is leading services at KVUUC on the first Sunday of each month.  It has worked out well from my perspective, and I hope that maybe some others have enjoyed the predictability of knowing that I’ll be joining you and sharing my presence and (hopefully!) wise words with you all on the first Sunday of the month. 

But, of course, when we get used to routines, we also much get used to the fact that nothing stays the same.  On the first weekend of this month (May) I’ll be joining my family in New Hampshire for the wedding of my eldest niece, so I won’t be with you all.  I do look forward to joining you on the third Sunday this month, the 19th.  

Me being away that weekend is especially disappointing to me since I’ll miss the KVUUC Annual Meeting.  (No, that is not a sarcastic statement – I typically enjoy things like congregational meetings!)  Yet I trust that you all will have a fun and productive meeting, and will benefit from the chance to take in what has been accomplished this past church year, thank those who have completed various services to the congregation, elect those who will be replacing them, and to look forward to planning for next year.  It is a time of transitions, to be sure, but also a time to appreciate those things that don’t change – that we are here for each other in this liberal religious community, that we’ll continue to advocate for a peaceful, compassionate community within our walls and without, and that we’ll continue to be an important presence in our community and in our lives. 

I wish to say a special word of thanks to two of our elected leaders who are completing their terms – Kristen Paton as our Co-President, and Vivian Dunbar as our Secretary – and to the two new leaders who will be stepping into these respective roles, Liz Smith and Deitra Underhill.  Happy news!   

In case you haven’t heard, the meeting will be on Saturday, May 4; and in case you, too, are wondering what roles or activities you might step into, on Sunday the 5th members of our Board will be presenting a service of gratitude for that many people who have contributed to our congregation this past year, and letting you all know about opportunities to serve.  I invite you to come with an open mind and a glad heart! 

I’ll see you all again in a few weeks! 

In faith,