Fall Chalice Lighters

There is still time to donate to the Pacific Northwest District’s Fall 2021 Chalice Lighter call! If you have already donated, thank you! If not, please take a look at the call letter below and consider making a contribution.

This is your Fall Call for the 2021-2022 church year: fund Growth Technology Grants. As congregations decide when to reopen for in-person services, their interest in “hybrid” services, that can also be attended virtually by congregants in their homes using their computers, has mounted. This capability is especially important to serve those whose immune systems are compromised or who for a variety of reasons believe it to be unsafe for them to attend indoor worship services. We PNWD Chalice Lighters can help provide equipment to meet this need, as well as more traditional applications of technology, such as assisted listening.

We should note that KVUUC has been a recipient of this grant in the past. Donations can be made online at the PNWD giving page.