A Rev. Bill Commentary: On Casting Our Dreams

In May I suggested to our Board and Counsel on Ministry that we consider devoting a Sunday service in June to a process I called “Dreamcasting.”  The response was enthusiastic so we shall proceed at during the service on June 11.  It is a process I led when I served the Tacoma congregation and I thought was very constructive.  Hopefully some of your thoughts and dreams were kindled when many of you met with Rev. Tandi Rogers in April.

Why dreamcasting?  The Hebrew prophets of old and the wise ones in the indigenous peoples of this land knew that the people need a story—a narrative—a vision—in which to dwell.  Without a vision the people perish, says the scripture.  Without a story we do not know who we are becoming.  What is the next part of this story?  Who are you longing to become, as a people?  What are your gifts as a community?  How might you share them?  What do you have to offer a hurting world?

Story is powerful—it tells us who we long to be and what is most worthy to us.  The dreamcasting process will enable each of us to share visions and dreams—for this community. We will hear one another with tenderness and openheartedness…to be in a creative spirit together.  Even if the congregation does not choose a particular dream, we will be changed by the quality of sharing that will be possible.

The process we are going to use is called Appreciative Inquiry.  This is a method of questioning which seeks out what is strong, what is healthy, what we do best.  The purpose is to discover, by asking everyone, what this church is like at its best, what gives it life and energy, what is valued most by individuals, and the aspirations you share.

We will record and compile the information received and use it to imagine how the church could be in the future. That will start with the Board retreat in July.  Possibly the conversation will continue at our all-congregation retreat at the Lazy F in October, and lead to some specific planning for the long-range.  And, I hope that it will develop sense of confidence in a community vision that will live after I depart.

With love for this community,

Rev. Bill