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A Rev. Ken Commentary: Time Flies!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

That’s the old saying, anyway.  In my case, I think its right.

It’s been nearly a half a year since I took on the assignment to be your Minister, and it has been an enjoyable experience.  I’ve worshipped with you a … read more.

Religious Education: February Calendar

Feb. 3:
Chalice Seekers and Chalice Children RE*- Chinese New Year

Feb. 10: Chalice Seekers and Chalice Children RE- Susan B. Anthony

Feb. 17: Chalice Seekers and Chalice Children RE- Powama

Feb. 18: Middle School RE Discussion- Integrating Our Experiences.
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New Year’s Poem: Be Gentle, Be Patient, Be Kind

Nobody lives on forever,
But if you would leave something behind
That will keep your memory cherished,
Be gentle, be patient, be kind,
Everyone’s hours are numbered
So dry up each tear drop you find …
When you meet with a friend who is troubled,
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