A Rev. Bill Commentary: Spring Ruminations

A hearty thank you!   I was so gratified to see how well supported our Interfaith Alliance, Earth Day, work party at the IOOF cemetery was.  According to my count approximately 80 volunteers from at least 7 different congregations, or unaffiliated, worked like beavers, accomplished 90% … read more.

Rev. Bill’s Thursday Seminar – May 10

UU History in Depth, Part 5:  “Evolution, 1861-1960”.
Thursday May 10, 2018 at 7:00 pm

This is the story of the continual interplay and conflict between advocates for new ideas (e.g., evolution science, the social gospel, humanism, anti-institutionalism, universal religion) and guardians of deeply held ideas, … read more.

Annual Meeting: May 5

Save the date. May 5 – Saturday – 6:00 pm.

With so much going on this spring, it would be easy to overlook. But what could be important – our annual meeting. A chance to look back at what happened in the year just passed. A … read more.

Preview: Rev. Bill’s April 8 Sermon

A Faith That Puts its Faith In You

Our theme for April is Transformation and I am challenged to address why Unitarian-Universalism is transformational. Part of the answer is implied in the bumper sticker slogan that is the title of this service. Another bumper sticker we … read more.