In 2010, KVUUC received reaccreditation as a Green Sanctuary from the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). As part of the planning, implementation and action leading up to that reaccreditation, we were asked to detail how our programs and projects interact with the local community, the interfaith community, and the UU community-at-large.  To answer this, we described our on-going role in community affairs through our project called Our Environment (OE), detailed on our Social Justice page.

At our building, we minimize use of paper, plastic and dangerous chemical products in favor of re-usable, washable dishes and safe cleaning products. We recycle as much as possible, including having two glass ambassadors trained by the Ellensburg Glass Recycling Coop to collect and crush clean glass. We have a beautiful bee garden that attracts beneficial insects and needs little water. Programmable thermostats and an on-demand electric water heater have been installed to minimize unnecessary use of electricity.

The latest version of Green Sanctuary 2030 is more detailed and demanding and we have not yet found volunteers to pursue re-accreditation. Might you be the one to take leadership of this important project?

For more information on the UUA’s Green Sanctuary program, see