Adult Discussion Group

We have begun an adult discussion group that meets in the Zendo on the first and third Sunday mornings from 10:00-10:45am prior to our service. We will discuss books and other topics of interest to the group including climate change, care of the soul, living an ethical and moral life, simplicity, and the congregation’s theme of the month. Group members will rotate as discussion lead.

The following is an overview of just a few of our other adult education programs.

Articulating Your UU Faith

Guides participants through a series of easy and engaging exercises–personal reflection, role-play, discussion and even the creation of a worship event–that equip them to communicate their liberal religious ideals.

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven I & II

“Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” is a woman honoring adult RE curriculum by Rev. Shirley Ranck that examines pre-Judeo Christian cultures that may have worshiped the female as divine. The concepts of equality and reverence for the female in a religious setting are eye-opening to many participants.

Building Your Own Theology I, II & III

  • Volme 1: Introduction
  • Volume 2: Exploring
  • Volume 3: Ethics