As noted by the UUA, consultant Herb Miller has identified five key components in the governance system of congregations (although his precise arrangement and terminology differ somewhat from what follows below). Generally, the governance of KVUUC is directed through the Board consulting with the congregation and the minister. Further in what follows, we discuss various councils. The list of standing councils, their composition and their purview or scope of responsibility is found in our by-laws. Once a budget is agreed to by the congregation, councils are responsible for decision-making and events within their budget line and described purview. Anything beyond the scope of the council is brought to the Board for review and if necessary the congregation.

  1. Visioning and policy setting;

Visioning is generally revisited every five years – typically starting with an all member retreat followed by debate and adoption at a congregational meeting. Policy is also set by the members of the congregation at our annual meeting. Suggestions for new policy usually start with ideas from our councils and percolate up through the board for presentation at the annual meeting.

  1. Coordinating, calendaring and communicating;

Our worship council generates the worship calendar, the RE council generates the religious education calendar, and other councils generate times and places for other events within their purview. All calendars are coordinated through the Coordination Council – members include the minister, the office administrator, the newsletter editor, the order of service editor, the on-line coordinator and members of key councils.

  1. Planning and program management;

As noted, councils are responsible for programs within their purview.

  1. Serving in shared ministry and implementing programs;

As noted, councils are responsible for programs within their purview.

  1. Recruiting and training.

The Nominating Committee consulting with the minister is responsible for recruiting. The Board working with the minister is responsible for mentoring and training new recruits.