Rev. Bill’s Thursday Seminar – July 12

Poetry, Pizza and Papa Gravey. Thursday July 12, 7:00pm

This, Bill’s final Thursday class at KVUUC will not be a “class” as such.  Rather, it is an invitation to share and be inspired by poetry.  Think about Billy Collins, Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver, Leonard Cohen, Sharon … read more.

Preview: Rev. Bill’s June 10 Sermon

Spiritual Practice 101

This is the first of a two-part sermon that will take a look at “spirituality”.  What is it and what isn’t it?  What are some simple practices that might help me find more of it in my life?  It also might be called … read more.

Preview: Rev. Bill’s June 17 Sermon

Spiritual Practice 102

We will review and build upon thoughts explored on June 10.  Graduation from Spiritual Practice 101 is not a prerequisite to attendance at this sermon.  All are welcome.