Several years ago, KVUUC received reaccreditation as a Green Sanctuary. As part of the planning, implementation and action leading up to that reaccreditation, we were asked to detail how our programs and projects interact with the local community, the interfaith community, and the UU community-at-large. The Social Justice/Green Sanctuary Council meets on the third Sunday of every month at 12:15pm both in the KVUUC Sanctuary and on our Sunday service Zoom link.

To answer this, we described our on-going role in community affairs will be through our project called Our Environment (OE). Consider the following highlights of issues being considered by OE: working to get Central Washington University’s Foundation to divest from fossil fuels, working to move the city away from an increasing push to get residents to adopt natural gas as their fuel of choice, working to educate the community about the benefits of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, working to retain the advantages gained in the lawsuit against CAFOs, and working to make the city more bike-friendly.

Further, we detailed ten projects on which we are currently working. Seven of these directly impact our green sanctuary work. Please contact Jim Schwing to find out more about our work. We invite you to enact justice and join us in our green sanctuary work. The process will transform you as you help to transform the world.