Our congregation is committed to making all visitors, friends, and members feel welcome and cared for within our community.

First-time visitors are encouraged to meet with one of our greeters when entering the church to sign in, share information, and help you make connections within our congregation.

As part of a faith community that cares for each other, we seek to deepen our relationships through a variety of activities, including:

  • Circle Suppers
  • Small Group Ministry
  • All-Church work days
  • Special events
  • Multigenerational activities – Mystery Pals, Pumpkin Glow, Ice Cream Social
  • Volunteering

You can learn more about these opportunities by receiving our monthly newsletter. Email our office administrator with a note saying you would like to receive them. You can also check out our Facebook page: KVUUC

It’s hard to conduct a spiritual journey alone. Join us so we may walk together in mutual love and support.