Preview: Rev. Bill’s March 11 Sermon

Listen, the Birds Are Singing – Rev. Bill Graves and Frances Wood

Religious Naturalism is a spiritual strand that resonates well with many Unitarian Universalists. Exquisitely beautiful and endlessly fascinating birds are all around us awaiting our notice, especially now as we are on the cusp of the spring migration.  Bill and his wife, Frances, will explore how birds can open a spiritual pathway into reverence of the natural world.They will be assisted along the way by such naturalists as St. Francis of Assisi, John Muir and Thomas Merton.

Frances Wood is a the author of four books including Brushed by Feathers: A Year of Birdwatching in the West. For nearly two decades she has writen a monthly column on birdwatching. Frances was co-creator and writer for BirdNote, a daily two-minute radio program on the intriguing ways of birds. An avid naturalist and artist, Frances is painting a growing collection of portraits of the common birds of the West.